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I Spy Something Dry

7% ABV

I Spy Something Dry is a seasonal cider and Single Varietal hard cider. It’s fermented with just one variety of apples - Northern Spy. Most ciders are made with a blend of apples. There are only a few apples that have sugar, acid, and pH balances that lend themselves well to a single varietal cider, and Northern Spy is one such apple!

Northern Spy is an American Heirloom apple and we grow them here at our West Wind Farm. Ripening in late October, these apples are also great for baking pies! They are large green apples with a red blush. These apples are also great for storage and when kept in a cool, dry place will stay fresh well into the winter.


Hard cider, dry, made with 100% Northern Spy Apples

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