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What's on tap

#1. Blue Barn: The Westcider

Hard cider, semi-sweet, blend of 6 apples, 6% ABV

#2. Blue Barn: Sugar & Spice

Hard cider, semi-sweet, sugar & donut spices, 6.9% ABV

#3. Blue Barn: Pop The Bubbly

Hard cider, semi-dry, like Brut champagne, 7% ABV

#4. Blue Barn: Jostaberry Jam 

Hard cider, semi-sweet, gooseberry & currant, 6% ABV

#5. Blue Barn: I Spy Something Dry

Hard cider, dry, made with 100% Northern Spy Apples, 7% ABV

#6. Blue Barn: Hopslider

Hard cider, semi-dry, New England Style IPC, 6.9% ABV

#7. Blue Barn & Star Cidery: Stay Golden

Hard cider, semi-dry, blend of Goldrush, Golden Russet, & Grimes Golden apples, 7% ABV

#8. Blue Barn & Star Cidery: Folklore

Hard cider, semi-dry, mixed heirloom apples, Riesling-like, 7% ABV

#9. 1911: Raspberry

Hard cider, semi-sweet, raspberry flavor, 5.5% ABV

#10. Leonard Oakes: Steampunk

Hard Cider, Traditional English cider, semi-dry 6.9% ABV

#11. Heads : Long Live Bock 

Beer, German Lager, malty sweet finish, 6.5% ABV

#12. K2 Bros: Blonde Ale

Beer, Ale, Rounded and Smooth, 5.5% ABV

#13. K2 Bros: NEIPA

Beer, New England style, hops, 6% ABV

#14. Young Lion: Grodziskie (grod-gee-ski) 

Beer, of Polish origin, oak-smoked, crisp, 4% ABV

#15. Three Heads: The Kind

Beer, IPA, with citrus flavors, 6.8% ABV

Hard Cider(12oz): $6      

Craft Beer(16oz): $6      

Flight (4): $9



Growler(64oz): $6 + $16 to fill    

Grumbler(32oz): $3 + $10 to fill

*** Growlers/grumblers for sale for off-site consumption only ***

Food Menu - New 2/17!

Order at the kitchen counter for dine-in service, or click the link to order curbside pickup / to-go   

Blue Barn Brunch!

Brunch is now available every Sunday - all day long from 9:30am-5:00pm. 

Our brunch menu changes weekly with new specials, so please check our Facebook page weekly to view this week's menu! Click HERE to be redirected to our Facebook page.

Love brunch, but not ready to dine-in yet? No problem. Give us a call at 585-366-7358 and place an order for brunch to go. Indoor pickup and curbside pickup available.

Local wines


Blue Barn Sweet Pomona (Riesling)

Hosmer Estate Cayuga White

Blue Barn Pomona White  (Chardonnay/Gruner blend)


Leonard Oakes Sparkling Reisling

Blue Barn Pop The Bubbly 

Bully Hill Brut 



Hosmer Estate Red 

Lamoreaux Landing Estate Red 

Blue Barn Pomona Red 



Hosmer Estate Catawba 

Glass ($7)    Bottle ($22)

listed sweet to dry


Our current feature cocktails are crafted from unique spirits from the following Farm Distilleries:

1911 Spirits

Apple Country Spirits

Black Button Distilling

PEACH BLOSSOM  Peach Vodka + Peach Lemonade + Basil + Lemon

CURIOUS CUCUMBER  Gin + Tonic + Lime + Cucumber

BLUEBERRY FIZZ  Blueberry Vodka + Sierra Mist + Club Soda + Lemon 

HARVEST MULE   Honeycrisp Vodka + Ginger Beer + Club Soda + Lime + Apple

WHISKEY SMASH   Bourbon Whiskey + Sparkling Cider + Cinnamon + Apple

ADULT ROOTBEER FLOAT  Black Button Bourbon Cream + Saranac Rootbeer

WEEKEND WAKEUP  Black Button Bourbon Cream or  Black Button Coffee Liqueur + Fresh Coffee 

POMOSA  Blue Barn Pop The Bubbly + Orange Juice

JUICY MANGO Canned cocktail from 1911 - Mango Hard Cider Seltzer (tastes like a White Claw!)


                                          SINGLE $9     DOUBLE $12

Non-Alcoholic / Soda

$2 Pepsi Draft Products: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Ginger beer, Soda Water, Tonic

($1 children's size in plastic cup)

$4 Craft Soda Bottles: Saranac Rootbeer, Saranac Orange Cream Soda, Saranac Shirley Temple, Sparkling Cider

What Makes our menu special?

Blue Barn Cidery is licensed as a NY State Farm Winery, which means we certify that all of our products are crafted from 100% homegrown ingredients. That's why you won't see "big label" or "imported" cider & beer on our menu. Every brewery and cidery on our menu carries a Farm License as well. Which means you can enjoy your drink that much more knowing that 100% of the ingredients you're enjoying were grown right here in New York, supporting local farmers like us.

Blue Barn Cidery

928 Manitou Road

Hilton, NY 14468


Tasting Room Hours:

Wednesdays 3:30pm - 7:30pm

Thursdays   3:30pm - 7:30pm

Fridays        1:00pm - 10:00pm

Saturdays   11:00am - 10:00pm

Sundays      9:30am - 5:00pm